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In one of his passionate appeals on Thursday, 16th November 2022, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Twumasi, Cssp urged students of Corpus Christi Senior High School to abstain from the use and abuse of narcotics and drugs unprescribed by doctors.

As part of the school's initiative to improve the health and social development of students, Rev. Fr. Twumasi, a private psychiatrist, was our guest on campus speaking about Drugs Abuse and its dire consequences on the future of Africa.

Addressing the students, he revealed that psychiatric hospitals across the country in recent times have recorded a high rate of admissions, especially for young people between the ages of 12 to 21 years.

According to the cleric, his practice as a psychiatrist has brought him into close contact with the devastating effect of the over 500 identified drugs being abused by young people including alcohol, hallucinogens, and cannabis among others. 

He revealed that the latest gaining a lot of patronage among young people is “Vape,” an electronic cigarette. The deception driving its wide patronage was that it was a better option compared to cigarettes. He warned however that vaping equally had very negative effects on health and advised students to desist from its use.

“People use drugs for varied reasons, notable among the many being celebrity influence, escape low self-esteem, and fight depression. All these may last for a moment but its effects will last forever and you may never recover from it,” Rev. Fr. Twumasi advised. “Flee from drug use and be free from its effects,” He added.

Senior Girls Prefect Naa Adorley Sowah expressed the school's gratitude to the facilitator Rev. Fr. Nicholas Twumasi. The students assured him they would join in raising awareness against drug abuse and set a towering example for others to follow.


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