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I am told dawn has suddenly reached day, the day has reached night, a girl now a boy, a boy now a girl.

But the mode of life hasn’t changed, the world still brightens as created, it's a man that has changed.

I am told perfection is impossible, but trying is perfect.  The heart now sees, the eyes now smell, the nose now talks, the mouth now thinks, there’s an abnormality in life’s brains. 

A chord of common sense has been drenched into an unknown wilderness.

The world is trying to turn an immoral wrong into a civil right. Some have even succeeded in doing so.


What on earth will trigger my libido to have sex with my sex mate?             

A man and a man, a woman and a woman. Homosexuality is a deviation from nature’s paradoxical world and whatever deviates from a norm becomes abnormality and its actors become abnormal and are qualified to be separated from the normal society of right thinking and are forced into jungles. 

How can a man let go of that beautiful breast hanging on the chest of a woman? Her rounded cola hips, the sweet elaborate taste of her lips, her fashionable waist crafted into its circumference of beautiful waist beads which begs her backside to shake in confusion, from north to south from south to east to the able movement of her legs, and go for anus with a bad-smelling disease. 

Should a woman abandon the sexy body of a man with six-packs, pink lips, and the walking hair on his chest, for what she has?

Positive plus positive in an electrical circuit repels, but negative plus positive attracts.

A man plus a woman gives a baby, a dog plus a bitch gives a puppy, a bull plus a cow gives a calf, but man plus man equals a destructed anus, which manufactures faeces accompanied by smelling fluid protected by pampers.

Ayitey Powers once said ability without mentality equals barbarism. 

At first, it made no sense but now it does because no union is more than marriage between a man and a woman, love, devotion, sacrifice and family.

If equal dignity is what they seek for in the eyes of the law, where lies the dignity in HOMOSEXUALITY? 

Democracy is not “anus-cracy”. Freedom is not “foolishness”. Intellectualism is not “insanity”. 

Homosexuality is a sudden gidifit of recklessness that must be condemned by a right-thinking human being.

Marriage is a lovely bond between a male and a female, with a natural flow of procreation.

Homosexuality denies the self-evidence, biological, physiological, psychological difference between and women.

Homosexuality denies the fundamental aim of marriage. The perpetuation of the human reign’s two different things can never be equal.

In the 1960s, society was pressured to accept all kinds of immoral sexual relationships between men and women.

Today, we see a new sexual revolution, where society is been asked to accept sodomy and same-sex marriage. By legalizing homosexuality, the state becomes an official promoter.  Public schools will take its acceptability to teach children, punishment meted out to those who express disapproval.

If homosexual marriage is universally accepted as a present step of sexual freedom, what logical argument would be used to stop the next step of incest? 

That is, mothers, sleeping with their sons, fathers sleeping with their daughters' brothers with their sisters

Let’s fight homosexuality together                                                 


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