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Creative Arts Clubs

Appreciating the place of the creative arts in the new world order, we believe equipping students with requisite digita and creative skills in a friendly and innovative environment will better place them for the ever growing jobs in the sector. Our creative club is estalished to provide students with the guidance needed to grow a career in the creative space.

Debaters Club

One enviable hallmark of great celebrated world leaders across history has been their impeccable ability to communicate with clarity and precision their thoughts and plans. The debaters club exists to sharpen our students’ ability to speak proficiently in public while arming with the skills to be successful communicators in their endeavours.

Science Club

With widespread awareness for individual with exceptional skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, the Corpus Christi Science Club was birthed as a forum for students, not limited to students pursuing General Science, to harness their abilities in exploring the opportunities that abound in the field of STEM.

Catholic Students’ Union

Faith forms an integral part of our education and as an institution built on the ideals of the Roman Catholic Church, we believe in offering Catholic Students an opportunity to continuously enrich them in the doctrines of the church. CASU is recognized on our campus to grow the Catholic faith of our Catholic Students and broaden their knowledge on the teachings of the church

Business Club

Acknowledging the need to prepare our students for the phenomenon of scarcity of jobs in the market, Corpus Christi School has initiated this novelty as a platform to groom entrepreneurial leaders for the future. Our Business Club focuses on broadening the scope of students in finding unique opportunities in society to undertake ventures that not only come across as economically beneficial, but affect the growth of society.