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Digital, Creative & Media Studies

Professionals with exceptional skills and knowledge in the digital and creative space have become some of the most sought after professionals on the job market. With the rapid growth of the space, young students who lack basic knowledge in the space stand a lesser chance of surviving the increasingly competitive job market.

Corpus Christi Senior High School has introduced this program to tool our students with the basic skills to surf easily through the needs of the digital and creative space. During their 3 year study on our campus, students in this program are exposed to digital marketing, content creation, website development among others.

Religious Education

Built on the principles of strong Catholic principles, we have close at heart the spiritual development of all our students. During their stay in Corpus Christi Catholic Senior School, all students are involved in various activities that aims at building their spiritual life. Our holistic model of education targets all aspects of human development; with spiritual growth taking a central role.

ICT Studies

Appreciating trends in the new world order, our drive to make our students future and industry-ready means positioning them to fit seamlessly into the dictates of the jobs of the future where technology drives productivity.

Throughout their 3-year stay on campus, our students are tutored on growing tech trends by our well-vested tech teachers. We leave no stone unturned to make each student ready for success in the competitive job market.