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Our extra-curricular activities at aims at nurturing the interests of our students while offering them a unique opportunity to explore and express their talents without being held back. Through these activities, we seek to break class barriers and bring students across all forms together to work as a team for success.

Naval Cadet

At the heart of every ceremony in Corpus Christi Senior High School is the smart turn out and spectacular display of the school’s naval cadet. We are proud to own a Naval Cadet Corp, under the auspices of the Tema Naval Base, of young women and men who have volunteered to undergo military training to serve our community as cadet officers.

School Choir

Choral music forms a towering feature in Catholic liturgy and occasions that is why the school has established an exceptional choir with melodious voices of both staff and students to animate campus events.

Corpus Christi Band

Music of all types forms an integral part in our institution hence the establishment of a school band which not only covers brass instruments, but has a 360 shape to give students with keen interest in music to learn at least one instrument.

Drama Group

One of the many ways communication can be made effective is through dramatization. Our school’s drama group, which also includes the soothing performance of poetic pieces, offers students an opportunity to participate in well crafted creative dramatic performances in front of an audience. Students get to experience the many aspects of theatre which makes learning even more exciting.

Cultural Troupe

Hailing from a continent with rich and diverse traditional cultures, we believe in finding creative opportunities to expose our students to the traditions of the nation they live in. Through our cultural troupe, our student get to learn the unique dances of Ghana’s many ethnic groups and the meaning of these unique steps. Our cultural troupe’s performance is on of the many highlights of our school’s events.