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Boarding and Feeding

Although a large percentage of the student population are day students, Corpus Christi Senior High School has optional boarding facilities for students who live far from campus. The facility is also available for students who would prepare experiencing the boarding life.

Our well spaced safe, secure, well-furnished, serene and healthy living environment, for both boys and girls, are in secured locations within the vicinity of the school. Well resourced chaperones are available to attend to the needs of the students in the boarding house.

The hostel also houses a study room which ensures all residents enjoy a conducive environment for learning. The hostel is under the surveillance 24/7.
A shuttle service is also available to enhance student transportation to and from campus for boarders.

Corpus Christi Senior High School provides student with a healthy dining experience.We go great lengths to satisfy the dietary needs of both students and staff on campus. Our meal plan, prepared by certified caterers, offers students healthy meal every day(both weekdays and weekends).
Parents are allowed to pay their wards in the boarding house a visit every other Sunday between 11am and 4pm.